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  • 4_44 am sick days - black woman with HIV - Copy


    monday june 12 2017 422 am Day 12…AND I AM STILL SICK the WEIRDEST combination of nausea diarrhea and congestion… twelve whole days… ALMOST A FULL TWO WEEKS to say I am over it would be a gross understatement A z-pack, antibiotics and some of the strongest over-the-counter meds and I’m still not better. I […]

  • Heather aka BabyMama

    Heather aka BabyMama

    tuesday april 25 2017 1153 am I wasn’t doing anything special, just sitting on the bed binge watching Luke Cage and crocheting. I needed my mind to take a break. I was doing the job of 3 people at work and still sorta mending my broken heart. Solitude in its best form. When my phone […]

  • disclosure


    tuesday february 21 2018 1027 pm me: on the phone rambling about my usual musings, probably and more than likely HIV, political, church or black folks related sugarbear: babe, you know I still got that video you sent me telling me about your status. me: ummm, I know you do. *I for real laugh out […]

  • welcome to my intersection blog image - black woman with HIV (1)

    welcome to my intersection


    november 25 2016

    756 pm

    This sounded like a great idea in my head but this has become one of the most difficult things I have EVER experienced let alone write about.

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