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Welcome to positivelyDeia!
I’m LáDeia, the voice of positivelyDeia. As a grassroots, non-profit movement, positivelyDeia focuses on knowing, speaking, and protecting your HIV/AIDS status. I am a strong believer in turning your trials into triumphs, and this is how I am changing the world. This is where my mission meets my movement. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your support, both moral and financial. Who I am and who I plan to be is determined by my actions and my determination, and positivelyDeia includes both.

I am a college educated, hetero, Christian woman living a full and flourishing life while maintaining a positive HIV status. I am proud of who I am and who I am to become. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was going to use my life as the platform for building my community, educating my village, and serving others.

17,670 African Americans were diagnosed with HIV in 2015.
4,524 of them were African American women.
1 African American woman is taking the charge to change the stigma.
That’s me.

I am the voice for African American women across the country living with three letters meant to bring shame, but can bring purpose.
I am the voice that understands them.
The voice that quiets negativity.
The voice of Let’s Live.

I am the catalyst for change among many others fighting to change the HIV perception.
I am the face of HIV that you see. I am what every woman with HIV can be.
No shame. No guilt. No regret.

As I move forward with this movement, I humbly compel you to support positivelyDeia with generous contributions of your choice. The contributions provided through this platform will allow me to leverage the positivelyDeia brand and build momentum for national recognition. I’m grateful that you are helping me change the world.

The contributions will be used to:
• trademark the positivelyDeia brand
• file for 501(c)(3) status
• acquire financial and accounting services for one year
• provide HIV/AIDS education for African American women, focusing on women of color in the metro Memphis area
• curate programming and host events to promote, educate, and uplift the community

I promise to:
• wisely handle all contributions and funds
• share my journey through this process with contributors
• build the positivelyDeia brand with integrity and respect

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