Attacking AIDS in Atlanta

In Georgia’s capital city, experts say ending the HIV epidemic will require significant change and an end to stigma.

Haisten Willis Contributor April 18, 2019

HIV Testing Day on Local Memphis Live Channel 24

with Chelsea Chandler 

Thursday, June 27 2019


Continuing the conversation: positivelyDeia uses HIV diagnosis to raise awareness

A common misconception about HIV and AIDS in Memphis is that it primarily affects gay men, men sleeping with men, or people who use drugs.

, USA TODAY NETWORK Feb. 9, 2018 

HIV Positive and Refusing to Live Negatively

LaDeia Joyce of positivelyDeia joined the Early Accountability Podcast to share how she overcame her HIV+ diagnosis in an effort to educate others on common misconceptions about HIV.

HIV + & Happy!

From traditional corporate America marketer with companies such as Verizon, FedEx, and CocaCola, LeDeia Joyce is the happy face of an HIV+ test result. She tells her story of redemption and realignment in this issue. She gives a whole new meaning to starting over.

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