“We don’t try, we do” is the life mantra LáDeia Joyce chooses to live by. She knows that there is much more to life than to waste time dwelling on darkness and negativity. She is not allowing what she has been told to affect what she does to change the world for the better.  

LáDeia Joyce is a gifted writer, retired makeup artist, a marketing maven, and business owner. She is also HIV positive. This diagnosis led her to launch positivelyDeia, a comprehensive platform effectively used to document her journey as an African American woman living with HIV. 

African American women are of the most underserved communities being impacted by HIV. In her search for support groups within her community and religious organizations, she found few options that connected to her own experiences. The multi-faceted platform, positivelyDeia focuses on awareness, advocacy, and alignment. Joyce seeks to expand information on the human immunodeficiency virus and ways to prevent transmissions. Through ongoing educational courses, interactive presentations, and active support communities, Joyce desires to change the face and the stigma associated with HIV and Black women and its effects on the Black community.

Joyce’s goals are to help women overcome adversities, educate black women on how to champion women living with HIV, and support women ready to beat the odds and live a happy, healthy, and healed life as someone diagnosed with HIV.

Joyce leads: 

positivelyDeia ,The Positive Experience and Positive & Still Pretty 

Joyce is a graduate of the University of Memphis. She is a dedicated and distinguished member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. She is a proud Memphian slash Brooklynite at heart who is currently residing in her hometown. She is a world traveler, leads an active lifestyle, and loves to interact with her supporters on social media and in real life.

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